May 31, 2009 – Mount Shasta City Vandalism

There was once a time in Mount Shasta in which a series of vandalisms took place across the City, affecting at least 16 of the business store fronts within it. The person being directly affected by it was a person I knew who used to be around, as the vadalism took the form of a written libelous message defamatory in nature. I told her at the time she should go to the MSPD about it, because it was their job to take care of stuff like that. She said the police department wouldn’t listen, but I somewhat insisted she go anyway. As it turns out, she was correct, not much was done towards helping her out.

It’s a very long story, one of which I probably won’t be able to tell in it’s entirety, but I thought I would share some of the effort that ended up changing my life direction to the point I’m at now. Here is my old blog, of which I put up something I was writing with the MSPD in mind because I wanted to be seen as somebody who’s effort was worth acknowledging.

What I wrote was supposed to be an exercise in the accountability of Government through means of law, because the law is supposed to be respected and followed. I found a crosswalk ordinance in the Mount Shasta Municipal Code, and from that I expanded the chain of accountability for it into something of an extremely long list of laws and contact information being directed towards the chain of accountability.

Here is the link. I don’t expect this to be of any value to anyone, but I offer it so that people may read a piece of writing that changed my life’s direction.

It was from writing this report, titled “Crosswalks and Budget Time” that I came to learn many new and different things about the world, as I started seeing things differently after all of this.

This report can be read here:

I emailed the staff at the College of the Siskiyous this report, but didn’t see much of a response from telling people about all of this.

Anyway, the old blog of mine, which is different than my main blog, can be see here:

I guess for now…that’s it. There’s more to write, but who knows how long I’ll be able to keep using my laptop with the condition it is in currently.

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The Report that Changed my life

I wrote this quite a while ago.

I was trying to get the Mount Shasta Police Department to listen to me in regards to a friend of mine that was being harassed and stalked by someone, and I wanted to demonstrate to them (the MSPD) that I at had at least some intellect and would be somebody at least worth listening to.


The end result was that it didn’t work out. My entire life pretty much downhill after writing this report, to which I don’t believe anybody would listen to me or believe me in the kind of life I have led since this time.


Maybe this is what you would call bad luck.



I am posting this because I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to use my laptop, as it doesn’t seem to be working too well lately, and just wanted a reference available for people to see what I am talking about regarding how I’ve spent my time.


It is currently 3:30 PM, and I am using the internet at Berryvale in Mount Shasta, drinking some Orange Juice purchased from the store.

We’ll see how things go from here as far as my writing and the like goes.

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Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta Business Card

One of the business cards I received when I went to the ICU at Mercy Medical Center in Mount Shasta after I tried to commit suicide.  The phone number on the card is the number that people were able to reach me at when I was at the ICU in the hospital.

Patient Belonging List

Back in January of 2011 when I was in the ICU, I was told I could have a friend bring me some of my things there to the ICU.  I asked my friend Patrick to bring me some of my things, and these things that are written on these papers are what was brought to me.  They wouldn’t let me hold onto house keys or anything else that was metal.  They were even wanting me to leave my credit card and my Oregon ID, which I absolutely insisted on keeping with me.  I’m glad I insisted on this, because I ended up being involuntarily relocated to a place called Woodland Healthcare-3B North.  After I was released from Woodland, I eventually had to travel back and did so by public transportation.  Even though I didn’t use my ID or Credit Card inside of the hospital at Woodland, I used them a lot after I got out.  I would say that they were both in fact, VITAL towards my getting back to Mount Shasta and just the whole process of traveling…

Mercy Medical Center ICU Welcome Paper

A welcome paper given to me at the ICU at Mercy Medical Center of Mount Shasta.  It has some generic welcome information on it.

Application for 72 Hour Detainment for Evaluation and Treatment

This is also known as a 5150.  I was brought in to the ICU after I called 911 after attempting suicide by stabbing myself in the chest twice.  I’ve been curious about some of the details on this paper, such as the bit about me having poor insight and judgment, as well as what’s written about having paranoid thoughts.  The information on this paper is something I wish I could have gone over with the person that wrote it before this became part of my records…

Mercy Medical Center Paper Binder

The front and back of the thing that held my papers that were given to me in the ICU at Mercy Medical Center in Mount Shasta.

A Word For Our Visitors in the ICU

This is one of the informational pamphlets given to me when I was in the ICU.  This was given to me along with other papers I received.  It has some generic information on it, as well as another business card for the place in the ICU.

ICU Welcome Card

This came along with the green informational pamphlet.  This card has the infamous pain rating scale, quite possibly the most subjective form of sensory measurement I’ve come across.

Infection Control

A pamphlet detailing some information used to keep bacteria from spreading while in the hospital and such.  Also one of the pamphlets received along with all the other pamphlets received while I was in the ICU.

Laceration Repair

This is one of the informational packets I received along with all the other informational packets given to me in the ICU in Mercy Medical Center in Mount Shasta.  This packet covers information regarding cuts received and how to deal with having them.  I believe I was given this packet because I had other cuts on my body from when I had tried to commit suicide.

Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms

An informational pamphlet covering different types of bacteria that the hospital is concerned about.  This pamphlet was included along with the other pamphlets given to me while in the ICU.

Mercy Medical Center Nutrition Services Patient Food Preferences

This was a paper given to me while I was in the ICU, from which the staff there was inquiring as to the kind of food I wanted to eat.  This was after I was telling them that I didn’t really want to eat anything in the hospital there.  I was under the impression at the time that I would be leaving shortly and getting back to the school semester at the College of the Siskiyous which was just the starting, but it would turn out that I was going to be involuntarily detained until January 31, 2011…

Patient and Family Education Card

It’s called a card, but it’s really a sheet of paper.  It has some information on it that’s more or less for the people who might be trying to help the person who happens to be in the ICU.  For myself receiving this, the information was getting a little redundant after being given all those other pamphlets and papers.  I still kept this, however.

Staph Infection

An informational paper talking about different types of infections.  Another paper given along with the other pamphlets and papers given to me.  I’m not sure why I was given this paper here.

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Mount Shasta Ambulance Service

Mount Shasta Ambulance Service Paper

Back when I tried to commit suicide back in January of 2011, I was given this paper.  I don’t really remember much of being inside the ambulance itself, but given the circumstances I think this makes sense.  I don’t think many people riding inside of an ambulance are actually paying much attention to the ride itself.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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